Enel Energia

A campaign from Enel Energia that raises awareness and informs about the correct use of energy at home.

Lazio Eternal Wonders

Regione Lazio

The new spot promotes Lazio as the ideal tourist destination, already chosen by the Roman Emperors for their holidays. This message lies in the claim: "The best place to relax since 300 b.C.”

Guess who's coming to dinner??

Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is once again alongside Roberto Mancini to help him lead a team of workers and designers to organize a special event. Who are the guests? To find out, open the door.

The Glass Switch


Peroni and Guinness symbolically swap their glasses to celebrate the Third Half at the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.

Soccer Shoes

Poste Italiane

A package holds much more than what's inside.

Sustenium Plus Summer


You just need the right push to turn umbearable hot summers into another glorious day of sun.

The sleepy people


If at least you can keep your eyes open, take a look at the latest Baby Dry commercial.

Fiocchi in ospedale


Pampers and Save the Children, together to take care of babies and newborn moms.

Zombie breakfast ep. 2


The pursuit of Buondì Motta starts in a supermarket aisle. It won’t be a fight to the death, but to the life…

The Flight

Nonno Nanni

Fly with Nonno Nanni and discover the unique taste of simplicity. An amazing journey through the quality and the joy of being together since three generations.

Peroni 3.5


Would you believe us if we told you that Peroni 3.5 has only 3.5% alcohol? - Naaaah! - Gotcha!



A spike-story, from the barley fields through the Peroni brewery that ends into the glass over a table: the moment in which everyone can taste the high quality of the top-selling beer in Italy.

Magic Garden


A new adventure in the wonderland of Twinings, the magical garden where infusions grow.

The List


Why would you bother buying all the ingredients for your mom to bake cookies, if someone has already made them? The cleverness of a child shows us why the Semplicissimi are called this way.

Enjoy Time More


A tale of passion and true quality, inviting us to get back in control of our time. Or rather, to devote the "proper" time to those special moments in life.

For the Best you


A 12-week journey, developed by a biologist, nutritionist, trainer and psychologist, to guide women, with the right amount of optimism, to a healthier psycho-physical balance.

Scent of Liu Jo

Liu Jo

The sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses. That’s why wearing the right fragrance gives you so much power.

Santino Safety System


The Version 2.0 of your usual car guardian angel or good luck charm, to protect those who travel.



Body language doesn’t lie. That’s why you see a serene smile on the faces of people who travel with Frecciarossa.

Welcome to Tealand


Welcome to Twinings’ Tealand – the new wonderland of flavours.

Saving Aslan


The courage of a team of experts to restore the bite of a lion. A physical recovery and emotional rebirth, made possible thanks to a brand that has always cared about people's teeth.

As Soft as a Loving Heart


A unique softness explained through the images, the music, the gestures and the smiles of the people who are looking for “softness” on a daily basis.

Thousands of Moments - Birth


People’s lives are full of energy and we can see it in the fight they put up to face the daily struggles and sacrifices to finally embrace their dream.

Thousands of Moments – BMX


People’s lives are full of energy and we can see it in their daily commitment to work towards their goals, patiently overcoming setbacks and difficulties.

120 Heartbeats

Lexus GS Hybrid

Experience all the emotions you don’t expect from a hybrid, with the new Lexus GS Hybrid.

Space Mission

Rotoloni Regina

Rotoloni Regina never end and they get everywhere, resolving any issue. On Earth and beyond.



To keep your home safe and secure, you can rely on Enel Energia’s cutting-edge security system.

The Flavours of the Ocean


A passionate narrative about the ocean and the tuna that lives in it.

Gestures of Love


No matter how seemingly invisible the actions of the parent are, the heart of a child will recognize even the smallest gestures of love.



It’s the everyday choices - the difficult and the easy - that make you a better you, every day.

A World Without Worries


With the special offer ENEL tutto OK, there is a convenient and fast solution to any domestic problem no matter if it’s a failing boiler or a broken window. An innovative way to improve and simplify your life.

Ode to the Tomato


Through Pablo Neruda's "Wedding of the Day," we witness the timeless love that Mutti feels for its tomatoes, as well as its commitment to create high quality.

Commercial Campaign


The new Gas -20% special offer is for all those who rely on Enel Energia for their electricity. Only our customers will get a 20% discount; everyone else will have to settle for something much less advantageous.



Finally, there is an anthem for all those that were neglected #ComeUnCanditoaNatale: sing it to all those that feel excluded, ignored, dumped. Tutti possiamo farcela… Compreso TÜÜÜ!!!

What's your power?


 There is a power within all of us. Today, to express your potential you can count on Enel’s projects and innovative technologies.

The Planet


We are proud to take you on a journey through Planet Win 365. The planet where everything is football. Enjoy the flight!

Pampers Lab


When it’s time to take care of their babies, every mum becomes a researcher. We’ve invited them at the Pampers Lab to discover the new baby dry technology.

Zombie Breakfast


Only a light and tempting breakfast can make people come back to life. If only it wasn’t finisheEeEed…


Nonno Nanni

Discover the creaminess and uniqueness of the Squaquerello Nonno Nanni. The conviviality, the taste of being together, in addition to eating well.



For a baby, nothing is more comfortable and safer than a cuddle: the pampering of Pampers Mutandino.

Per Noi


Celebrating with Birra Peroni the most authentic, brave and proud Italy. Waiting to toast all together again.

Enel One


Today our certainties are constantly changing, at least when it comes to energy we can rest assured.

Thirsty for something new

Nastro Azzurro Zero

Thirsty for something new? Then the new campaign for Nastro Azzurro Zero, the beer with zero alcohol but with the same taste as Nastro Azzurro, is the one for you.

Ready for you future?

Cattolica Assicurazioni

Our campaign for Cattolica Assicurazioni health insurance teaches us the importance of having someone close to us to get ready for the future that awaits us.


Enel Energia

What's essential to build our energy independence for the future? Find out the answer in our latest Enel campaign.

The Uncontainable


All parents know that: children’s energy is uncontainable. Even at night. But at least you can contain leakeage thanks to the new Pampers Baby-dry.

I fatti contano

Enel Energia

60 years of facts that matter. Discover them in our last campaign for Enel.

Commerciale Autunno Scegli Oggi

Enel Energia

Why do people choose Enel? Because it allows them to live everyday life in their own way. Mario loves comfort, Margherita is always full of commitments. The new Scegli Oggi offer seems made for each of them.

Side by side

Poste Italiane

What if there was always someone there to make your life easier? Find out the answer in our campaing for Poste Italiane.

It's Time to Change


Where a new life begins there is Pampers Progressi: the most used diaper in maternity hospitals.

What's Next?


Business grows, family gets bigger and...what’s next? Every time life looks ahead, there’s a LeasePlan solution.

Tenacious Spirit

La Molisana

Courage, genius, pride. This is the tenacious spirit of a country that never gives up.



Today with the fresh and light taste of Peroni 3.5, you can have more with less.

Spring Commercial Campaign 2019

Enel Energia

Is friendship your power source? The campaign is dedicated to friends who share passions, the love for the nature, and from now also an advantage in bill. What’s your power?

The Cap


Winning a motorcycle can cost you as much as a gas cap: the same price of a ticket for EICMA 2019.

Le linfe di Vitasnella


Rehydrating, purifying and draining: the new functional Linfe Vitasnella have arrived for your daily well-being.

Spring Commercial Campaign 2018

Enel Energia

Are your friends your energy? The new Enel Energia special offer is dedicated to friends who share moments, passions and from now also a 25€ bonus in bill. What’s your power?

Final episode

Buondì Motta

The Buondì asteroid saga has come to an end. No spoiler but… get ready for something “impactful”!

The Big Jump


Would you jump off the 10-metre dive platform? A social experiment that shows us how differently everyone faces life. This is why we need a personalized insurance coverage like Groupama's My Protection.

Buondì Motta


Better don’t bet against the tasty snack Buondì Motta.

True to its Roots


To achieve the perfect result, Panettone Motta swears by the traditional ingredients and not the “fashionable” ones.

The sea ahead


With its passion and expertise, Fincantieri renews the great Italian naval tradition, leading it into a new era.

Integration Day


Integrating people with Down Syndrome in the every day is possible, not only in commercials but also in real life. After all, being different is just normal.

Baby Night


Those who suffer sleepless nights with their children deserve a treat. How about a discount?

Buondì Integrale


The new Buondì Motta Integrale is unique because it is not only perfect for your healthy breakfast but also delicious.



To support the people, the warriors of the every day, when facing the difficulties and uncertainties of life.


Rotoloni Regina

Rotoloni Regina never end and continue their journey through the universe, pursued by the astronaut and observed by mischievous characters.

50 Years on your Side


50 years of Dash is 50 years of accompanying the social and economic transformations of our country.

Thousands of Moments - Graduation


People’s lives are full of energy and we can see it in their daily sacrifice and hard work to guarantee a better future for their children.

Let it be a Girl


The story of the most important moments in the life of a woman, from her first steps to motherhood, told through body language, with a special focus on the legs.

Focusing on the Future


An energetic and encouraging recap of the past to frame our common goal: returning to greatness by developing a new Italian excellence.



No world will ever be advanced as long as it relies on the car technology of the past.

Dear Future Mom


An emotional message of hope and encouragement for the future mother of a child with Down Syndrome from 15 young people with the very same disability.

Carosello Reloaded


Paolo Ferrari, the Dash testimonial from the 60's and 70's, meets Fabio de Luigi, the current testimonial. Jokes and sketches recreate the atmosphere of the historical Carosello.



Energy is a door that gives us access to new paths and always faster connections.

The Rarest Ones


Rare species of animals are protected, rare diseases of men are neglected.

Players' Call


For the Eurobet’s tenth anniversary, we celebrate the football passion of all kinds of player.

Safeguarding Our Chance to Live a Full Life


Relatable and emotional, the clip beautifully frames the true meaning of taking out an insurance policy: safeguarding our chance to live a full life.



Discover the old-fashioned taste of Italy while traveling on a vintage truck and listening to the original song from 1940 by Beniamino Gigli. Enjoy the ultimate tribute to Italian Comedy in this film dedicated to all moms.

The Speech


Only at Seeds&Chips, The Global Food Innovation Summit, ideas can be turned into great ideas.

It's Essenziale


It’s essential to feel free, even from constipation. The protagonists of our stories made it, thanks to the help of Fonte Essenziale.

The Wheel

Ferrovie dello Stato

A new way of travelling has arrived, discover NUGO

Act For Good


Discover the global Carrefour program of concrete actions to enable everybody to eat better day after day, everywhere. Because a world that eats better is a world that lives better.

Night & Holydays


Is your energy staying up late or together on Sunday? Night & Holydays, the new offer by Enel Energia, is dedicated just to you.What’s your power?



Experience the raw taste of life with the new Peroni Cruda beer.

Let’s wash our hands


People need 40 seconds to wash perfectly their hands. Babies need to have fun. Let them listen the new Pampers song “Let’s wash our hands”

Nuova Energia


For families, for companies, for everyone who has projects and dreams to follow, for every one of us today it’s time to go on with a new power.

All Year Round


Seasons change, but with the right push you won’t ever be under the weather.

Mettilo in agenda. #STIAMOAGENDO.


We are working. We are growing up. In a sustainable, inclusive, smart way. Check out our campaign for ASviS, Italian SDGs alliance.

Commerciale Primavera Scegli Oggi

Enel Energia

Once upon a time… a fairytale offer! With an ironic touch, the commercial tells us about Federico, an Enel Energia consumer, played by Marco Bocci. In the busy life of a father, Federico is struggling with Giulia, his 2-year-old daughter…luckily Enel Energia is there to give him 2 years of peace of mind.

Beer Friends


Italians have always been full of differences. What if they talked over a Peroni?