Commerciale Scegli Oggi

Enel Energia

Once upon a time… a fairytale offer! With an ironic touch, the commercial tells us about Federico, an Enel Energia consumer, played by Marco Bocci. In the busy life of a father, Federico is struggling with Giulia, his 2-year-old daughter…luckily Enel Energia is there to give him 2 years of peace of mind.

The Uncontainable


Why do people choose Enel? Because it allows them to live everyday life in their own way.
Mario loves comfort, Margherita is always full of commitments. The new Scegli Oggi offer seems made for each of them.

We push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, because the best things in life are extraordinarily uncomfortable.

Lazio Eternal Wonders

Regione Lazio

The new spot promotes Lazio as the ideal tourist destination, already chosen by the Roman Emperors for their holidays. This message lies in the claim: “The best place to relax since 300 b.C.”